Our first few weeks of mommyhood is very stressful period, at times it seems like a blur when we look back to a where our lives revolved around our newborn baby. One wouldn’t think that feeding, changing nappies and trying to get baby to sleep would almost be a full time job and let’s not forget baby not wanting us to sleep much.

This is why it’s so important to teach baby the art of self-soothing. When we look at self-soothing most of us think about using a pacifier, but there are lots of mommies that prefer not using pacifiers at all. Lets look at why using comforters are so beneficial to baby.

Midwives around the world are advising moms to use comforters with their babies. Research has shown that babies using comforters are much happier and feel more secure as they progress through certain milestones. Babies at about nine months old often become very clingy to mum/dad and a comforter seems to help.

There’s a reason that we’ve chosen the Cuskiboo as our favourite baby comforter.

Cuskiboo’s are the only baby comforters in the UK to be officially approved by the National Health Service, with its own protocol for use in SCBUs* & NICUs*. Cuskiboo’s are made from organically grown bamboo and some of the reasons to love bamboo is that it is breathable, has anti-bacterial properties and is ultra absorbent.


How to use your new Cuskiboo Baby Comforter

Mommy/daddy needs to keep the Cuskiboo close to them for a few days so that it can absorb all mommy/daddy scents then introduce the Cuskiboo to baby helping baby feel safe without mommy/daddy.

Cuski’s unique shape stimulates your child’s imagination as a round shape is the first shape a baby recognizes.

* Special Care Baby Unit
* Neonatal intensive care unit