Every parent wants the best for their child and this starts with keeping away from any products containing BPA.

BPA risks:

– Disrupts normal hormone levels and development in fetuses, babies, and children;
– Brain and behavior problems;
– Cancer;
– Heart problems;
– These are just some of the problems relating to exposure to BPA products, some experts have suggested that it could also be linked to obesity, diabetes, ADHD, and others.

Dandelion Natural Feeding ReUsables made from  corn

Dandelion have the solution, they’ve come up with an amazing award winning feeding ware range made of corn!

Why Corn ReUsables?

Reducing our dependency on both petroleum-based plastics and disposable ware in general, is an essential step toward a healthier future for our families and our environment. Our reusable Corn products offer a visionary alternative, and a better choice.

Corn, really?

Dandelion use a unique corn (PLA) formula. Unlike conventional plastic, which is largely made from petroleum, our bioplastic is primarily made from corn! Polylactic acid (PLA) requires significantly less fossil resources, and generates far fewer green house gases than conventional plastic. And corn is a renewable and sustainable resource.

The range consists of:

– Corn divided plate;
– Corn bowl;
– Corn utensils;
– Infant bowl & spoon and
– Feeding spoons

For more information on the Dandelion range please visit www.greenbeginnings.co.za