Don’t Let Baby Flab Keep You From Looking Fab!

If you are breast-feeding it is important not to follow a low-energy diet, a fad diet or a diet that controls the intake of entire food groups, such as carbs.

  • It is important to think low-fat instead of high-fat foods which will make all the difference in the kilojoules you are taking in.
  • The last thing you want to do is rely on fast foods; therefore, long before the baby is born, make and freeze nourishing, individual meals you can easily defrost.
  • One lasagne can quite happily be stretched to three night’s meals for you and your partner.
  • For snacking, cut up veggies and fruit into snack-sized portions and store them in the fridge so that they are available when you need an in-between meal boost. Keep wheat crackers and low-fat cheese or whole-wheat sandwiches and juice boxes to fall back on.
  • Eating low-GI foods are weight-wise and energy-giving.
  • If you do freeze meals ensure that they are brown – this includes rice, pasta and bread.
  • High fibre cereals instead of sugary cereals are also a good idea.
  • Buy small sizes when purchasing chocolates or other snacks – bite-sized is far better than an entire slab of chocolate.
  • Keep jugs of water close by so that you remain hydrated at all times.

Once you are home with baby, remember that routine is extremely important – this not only applies to your new baby but this also relates to you. It is imperative to have a routine where you eat breakfast, lunch and supper so that you don’t snack if you get hungry and start craving all the wrong things. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – once you have had a baby it is important to continue to eating well, not snack on all the wrong things, and stick to a strict routine. A new mother’s body uses more energy-producing breast milk so she is bound to lose weight provided she is not overeating. Breast-feeding also causes contractions that help the uterus return to the right size more quickly, especially when continued for more than six months. If you decide to breast feed your new bundle of you remember to include breast feeding pads into your dressing arsenal. For washable and reusable pads that are both soft and natural in fibre content have a look at our Mother Nature collection, these pads also provide comfort against sensitive nipples. To view all of our other green and organic products feel free to view our product section. Image credit: oksun70 / 123RF Stock Photo