How to Keep Your Home Safe When Your Baby Arrives

You have had your first baby, done the nursery up to look like a million dollars, and are all set to be that perfect new parent – but one thing you did not take into the equation are all the hazards that seem to be lurking everywhere in and around the home! From hot things on the stove to baby falling down the stairs, you soon learn that there are so many dangerous objects and potentially lethal situations you never knew existed. There are, however, numerous ways on how to keep your home safe when your baby arrives.

For the mobile baby beginning to crawl or walk (remember that it is not always possible to keep your eye on your baby-on-the-go all the time), playpens and play yards are safe, sturdy solutions of keeping your baby out of harm’s way.

The entire range of standardised play yards come equipped with a gate, wheel as well hook and chain which is simple to open and close. Any shape can be formed or simply attach the frame to a wall to allow for a larger area.

Four types of door barriers are also available to ensure your toddler stays out of mischief; exploring is part of what your little one will be doing from the time he or she comes home for the first time. The progression is faster than one can imagine, therefore it is important to be forearmed right from the outset.

Make certain all cupboards have child-proof locks, plugs have child-safety covers and that your pool has a fence, cover AND alarm. Your baby is the most precious thing that you will ever have – ensure that you child-proof everything from your stove to your electric plugs, stairs, medicines, pool and other potentially dangerous items, objects and situations.

It is always better to be safe than sorry – these are only a couple of ideas on how to keep your home safe when your baby arrives. Apply a bit of common sense to the equation and you will have a university graduate before you know it.