Keeping Your Baby Cool in the Hot Summer Months


The strange thing about South African weather is that we hardly ever have in-between seasons. We go from winter straight into summer and in summer we go straight into winter. Keeping your baby cool in the hot summer months is quite challenging, but if you follow the tips listed below you and your baby will come up smiling


Here are nine tips to keep your baby cool during the hot weather


  • Ensure that your baby has a very light blanket over him or her at night to ensure that their little bodies don’t overheat.
  • Make sure your little one is hydrated at all times to avoid your infant from becoming dehydrated; you can also introduce your baby to water early on; first boil the water and then cool it down.
  • It is important to ensure that your baby’s head is covered with a hat or bonnet made of cotton as to avoid burning.
  • Use a baby sunscreen at all times even in the shade as UV rays have a nasty habit of filtering through leaves and shrubs.
  • Because your newborn could overheat quickly, change the nappy more often and if possible leave the diaper off for long periods of time so that the tender skin on your baby’s bottom is exposed to the fresh air.
  • Wipe your baby down often with a wet cloth which you could pack into your baby bag – use a zip-lock bag for convenience.
  • If the heat becomes really intense there is no harm in taking all of your baby’s clothing off as you see fit, and just leaving a diaper on.
  • Get into a pool with your baby so that both of you can cool off – do this during the cooler part of the day so that your baby’s skin is not exposed to the harsh sun rays.
  • A bath is not only relaxing but a way of cooling off your baby – tepid water for this is best.


Keeping your baby cool during the hot summer months might seem a little daunting, especially for new moms, but applying the above tips and a little bit of common sense will have you mastering the art of being a new mother really quickly.