When it comes to Baby’s toysteethers, and developmental tools, being sure that these items meet our personal quality and safety needs can be a daunting task! With all the BPA exposure, the inclusion of leads and other metals, plus GMO cottons into our young beloved’s toys, how does one go about finding truly natural, gentle products? Thankfully for all baby’s Daddies and baby’s Mommies, Aunts, Grandparents, and Caretakers, Dandelion is here to help! This careful company features only the best in organic teethers, plus toys, blankets, and transitional baby to toddler plush toys. In this article, enjoy a walk through of Dandelion’s sweetest-and safest-organic baby baubles.

Everyone knows how challenging a time it is to have an infant who happens to be teething. This phase of life entails tons of tears, fussing, and the likelihood that anything remotely firm of surface will find its way into the child’s mouth to ease the gum pain. Magical minds at Dandelion have created teethers just for this. On our website we have the perfect treasure for teething: enter, the Teething Ring. At just R129, it’s soft enough to cuddle with, and textured enough to soothe oral pain, with patches of color and adorable tags to make gripping easier.

After the mouth ouchies have subsided, introduce Baby to the BELIEVE line of toys, which features a cuddly and whimsical cast of characters: RhinoElephant and Polar Bear, and more! Every animal is made of 100% organic fibers, meant to gently remind every family member to be kind to other species and their environments. These cuties are made of organic fibers, plus filled with organic corn fibers and are machine washable! Give them a squeeze, they start at just R179 per plush!

Is your youngster ready to start building? Dandelion has an organic solution to that! The Stacker toy, with its rainbow rings and plastic peg is a classic, and our friends at Dandelion have their own take on it. Instead of being a toy made of harsh, colored plastic, they’ve crafted a soft, cloth Stacker. Like the teething ring, the Dandelion Stacker is made of all organic terrycloth and fibers. It features rings that make crinkle, squeaking or rattling sounds, and when all toppled together on their soft base, they become mountainous at ten inches high! These start at R269.

We have now walked through the Dandelion essentials, where teethers are textured, animals are eco-conscious, and the Stacker becomes chew worthy. Given the genius of Dandelion, adding the affordability, the materials and durability, why not invest in Baby’s future with only the best? Besides what’s listed above, Dandelion has an expanded line of infant friendly playthings, such as blanketsblocks and sortersrattlesdollspuppets and books. The Bamboo Zoo hosts lionsbearsgiraffes, and monkeys. No matter the need, rest knowing that Dandelion has plenty to choose-safely-from!