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Bath Time

Make Bath time Fun!

Whether your baby takes to the water like a well-oiled otter or a hydrophobic cat, bath time is invariably a time of stress and not to mention a mess. The key to making this particular time easier is to make it fun, both for you as the parent and your child. This is where the power of bath accessories comes into play.

Make bath time special with the use of familiar toys, scents and sounds. Your child should look forward to this time and you can help by absolutely spoiling them with lavish attention.

We aim to make your next bath time a time of bonding and love and, with our bath accessories, you can be guaranteed a time of the day where you can simply be a mother or father. As always Green Beginnings focuses on eco-friendly products and companies that understand that the future of our environment is as important as the future of your little one.

Bath Accessories Suppliers

For the highest quality of eco-friendly bath accessories we look to the following suppliers:

Mother Nature Products- A South African based baby product company that, through the use of 100% eco-friendly materials, is perfectly aligned with our view of green excellence

So if you are looking for those special products that add a whole new dimension to your child’s bath time look no further than Green Beginnings and our selection of quality bath accessories.

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