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A Ton of Baby Teethers

Teethers are designed to make it easier for babies to grip and put them in their mouth. It’s very soothing for babies to chew on something hard that offers adequate resistance like a teether. Tender gums feel better when a light pressure is applied. Like a baby sized mosquito bite getting scratched.

Teethers are usually made of rubber, plastic or wood and come in various shapes, colours and sizes. Commonly, teethers and rattles go hand in hand, with one doubling up as the other. Some parents prefer using teethers which one can chill in the fridge, providing a soothing coolness to baby’s gums. If you’re doing so, be careful that you don’t freeze the teether too much; otherwise it can hurt baby’s delicate gums.

While choosing a teether, go in for a teether which baby will find easy to put into their mouth. You don’t want something which is too big or too small. Textures work well. Some toy firms have teethers in the shape of toy animals which are very popular as well.

An important thing to keep in mind while choosing a teether, is to verify that it is safe for baby to put into the mouth. Choose only phthalate and BPA free teethers for your child. Choose teethers with non-toxic paint on them.

Teether Traders

We have taken care with choosing our suppliers as everything needs to be completely safe for your child to gnaw on. This is where eco-friendly products truly come into their own.

Dandelion- The toys of this supplier are their pride and joy and it is this joy and pride that they place into the making of each of their products. Made of natural materials these will not only soothe the discomfort of teething but keep your little one enraptured.

Green Beginnings have a range of environmentally friendly products, including baby teethers. Contact us today for more information.

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