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Swaddled in Swimwear

If you’re planning a summer vacation or holiday abroad and want to introduce your little one to the water for the first time, you’re going to need to get baby swimwear. Baby swimwear is offered in so many great colours and styles for both girls and boys, and they are ideal for our hot and sunny South African summer days.

Many parents are eager to introduce their baby to swimming, and experts agree this can be done as early as four weeks old. However, proper baby swimwear is important to avoid contaminating the pool and to protect your child from the sun’s harmful rays. There are special lines of swimming nappies available that look just like baby swimwear. They feature a pull-up design, are usually machine washable and come in trendy colours and patterns that look exactly like a swimsuit.

Our Wetwork Specialists

The following is the suppliers from where we get our eco-friendly, high quality baby swimwear gear:

I play- With over 3 decades of experience this supplier knows their baby swimwear. Made of natural fibres their products are of the highest quality.
Green Beginnings offers a range of modern Swim Nappy sets that has short sleeves and shirred ties on the sides. Their Ultimate Swim Nappy has matching ties, as well as Nylon with a polyester lining and a built-in reusable Ultimate Swim Nappy.

So even if all that your little one is going to do is simply chase the surf on the beach or toss their toys into the pool we have the perfect swimwear in which they can do it.

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