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Disposable Nappies

The Ease of Disposable Nappies

Nappies are the one thing that everyone informed would be the one thing that you do not want to run out of. While pregnant you received gifts and invariably they were piles and packs of nappies. Soon your baby closet looked like a crèche that had stockpiled enough wares to be the day care location of choice after the end of the world. Ever wondered what happens to those disposable nappies once you have disposed of them?

Normally disposable nappies are considered the bane of landfills and the only alternative for the eco-aware was cloth nappies. From Green Beginnings we have made it our mission to provide with the best quality in eco-friendly disposable nappies. They are perfect for those times when you have your hands full with the several other hundred things that parents have to deal with, for those long road trips and extended stays with family and friends. Disposable nappies from Green Beginnings are all of these while still remaining as environmentally friendly as possible.

The Indispensable Suppliers of Disposable Nappies

At Green Beginnings we make sure that our producers and suppliers of disposable nappy products care as much about babies and the environment as we do.

Bambo- With over 25 years of experience in the baby care industry, Bambo has been producing high quality products with the core aim of caring for and satisfying the needs of eco-aware parents.

For ease of changing without the worry that you are contributing to landfills Green Beginnings brings you our disposable nappies, for more information contact us today.

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