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It is so much fun to introduce a baby to a new toy, but how can you, as a parent, trust that a toy will be safe for your baby? Recently, the number of toy recalls has increased dramatically due to the number of toys that are now mass produced using dubious materials. With the myriad toys on store shelves to choose from, there’s no need to settle for those that are poorly made, potentially dangerous, or made from toxic materials. Green or environmentally friendly baby toys are not only good for the environment, but safe for your child too. There are a number of toy manufacturers that take great pride in producing high-quality children’s toys that are fun, educational, and safe. The key is to find toys that suit your child’s interests as well as your budget. Remember, until your child is about three years old, any toy he plays with will likely wind up in his mouth, along with anything else that isn’t bolted to the floor. We will make sure that every toy in your home is made from safe and nontoxic materials.

Our Baby Toys Elves

Our suppliers are certified assistants to Santa and produce only the highest quality goods. They are:
Dandelion- Over 20 years of innovation and passion has allowed this supplier to produce beautifully made eco-friendly toys that will capture the imagination of child.

The availability of an increasing number of eco-friendly baby gear items also reflects that parents are becoming more aware of the benefits of providing baby with green baby products. Green Beginnings is a leader in environmentally friendly baby toys and we provide a selection of toys that can be purchased from us today.

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