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Crystal Aire

The Crystal Aire air purifier uses a unique air cleaning process – This cleaning process uses the natural purification properties of water which when combined with the water based anti-bacterial Crystal Aire Aroma, literally scrubs the air to deliver a cleaner, fresher, bacteria-free air for breathing in all indoor environments.

What about using Crystal Aire purifiers for baby

Other then cleaning the air for your new baby, CRYSTAL AIRE air purifier has a built in soft “white noise” proven to be relaxing in helping young babies sleep (imitating the sound of the womb). The choice of Aroma has the desired relaxing effect leaving the air you breathe cleansed, scrubbed and sterilized. All Crystal Aire Aromas are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and sterilizing, eliminating odours with aromatherapeutic results.


The Crystal Aire Aroma is a potent yet pleasant formulation comprising a broad spectrum of antimicrobial terminants. These are effective in countering a wide range of bacteria and viruses.

Why you should choose a Crystal Aire purifier

Crystal Aire purifiers help against allergies, asthma and hay fever which can be brought on by airborne and surface pollutants and particles such as dust and pollen. The system is also effective for respiratory infections such as the common cold eliminating up to 99% of the bacteria.

The Crystal Aire range consists of Air Purifiers with and without Ionizers and LEDs as well as packs of concentrates

Crystal Aire air purification – the answer for you to enjoy clean, healthy, organic indoor air with beneficial therapeutic results – LOVE EVERY BREATH !

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