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Green Sprouts – On Safari Bento Boxes – Croc

New! Cute lunchbox with locking lid, nesting divided tray, and bowl.


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Green Sprouts – On Safari Bento Boxes

New! Cute lunchbox with locking lid, nesting divided tray, and bowl.


About i play.

It is important to us that our products are safe and healthy for both baby and the environment. We at i play.® believe in manufacturing all of our merchandise in a more eco-conscious and baby-conscious way. We strive to continue to be on the forefront of all health and safety issues by continuously researching and testing to better protect both our little ones and our big world. The Green Sprouts® range is part of the i play. group.


For over two decades i play.® has been researching children’s health issues to make safer feeding accessories that come in contact with babies’ mouths and foods. Due to recent safety issues in children’s toys we saw a need for toys free from potentially harmful toxins. So in 2008 we launched a new line of PVC, BPA, and nitrosamine free toys made from eco-friendly materials. i play.® offers biodegradable and compostable ecoplastic products that lessen our environmental impact and is also safe for baby. Feeding accessories made from cornstarch, such as the cornstarch rattlers and teethers, are made without the use of harsh chemicals or petroleum and are PVC and BPA free. i play.®also offers bibs and toys made with organic cotton, which is grown without the use of toxins, synthetic fertilizers or pesticides making it the safest and healthiest fabric available.


Some choices we offer include materials that encourage healthy development from the inside and the outside:


• Natural, non-petroleum materials such as plant starch,  plant fiber, wood, and cotton

• Non-petroleum materials such as glass, silicone and stainless steel

• BPA-free plastics such as Polypropylene (PP)


• Natural fibers such as cotton and plant-based non-wovens

• Organic cotton which promotes sustainable farming

• PVC-free waterproof materials such as EVA and polyurethane coated polyesters and nylon

• Sun protective fabrics of UPF 50+

• Flexible and breathable fabrics for active play
Our products undergo extensive testing and conform to all US ASTM, FDA and CPSIA standards. We believe it is a company’s responsibility to monitor the quality and safety of their products.


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